Hello  I  am  Amrita

Personal Style is about personality. Being an artist is about being free to express your personality through art. Art is about freedom and creative expression. Art is a lifestyle not just an activity.  Being an artist therefore means implementing a lifestyle that favors creativity, impulsion and freedom. I am guided by passion, by the need to create. And my emotions and dreams are amplified by art.

I really agree to famous saying from Edgar Degas - "Art is not what you see, but what you make other see"

I have been rummaging with colors, with pencils, crayons, brushes for over 30 years. My deep-rooted love for art began when I was 5. I spent majority of my childhood bringing my imaginations to life. This laid the foundation for who I am today.

Much of my work is inspired by sublime things around me, bold colors I observe, and beauty in the humdrum.
I’m proud to share the highlights of my work on this site. 

As an artist; it is important to have conversations. Please don't hesitate in talking to me.


Internationally renowned artist, Amrita, has become most well-known for her majestic and intricate paintings that are scattered across the globe. Her unique style of art blends realism with abstract elements and washes of colors.

Born in India, Amrita's interest in art began at the age of 5 by drawing pictures of comic characters like Archie, Popeye, Pinky, Chacha Chaudhary . While in Senior and High School, she earned awards at various creative competitions.

Amrita has been an illustrator for the for over 30 years. This year will be Amrita’s 20th year teaching all age group students.

She combines her strong background in design with a diverse academic and practical knowledge of Traditional Art to create enchanting art, paintings and products.

Amrita moved to Nigeria with her family; a move that sparked a lifelong fascination with Art and Craft.

Amrita enjoys creating her own artwork, viewing other artists work, and teaching Art to young people. Not only does she take pleasure in sharing her knowledge about art history and the process of making, but she wants her students to experience art and understand how much it affects their lives.

She taught at Indian Language School, Lagos Nigeria as a Art professor for 11 years and spent her summers taking summer camps for the arts.

Amrita worked at a Fashion college for 2 years in Pune, India.

While in the Nigeria , her talent and knowledge strengthened over the years by working with talented folks who fortified her skills (Rukhi, Jiji, Tuhina and Aarti). Amrita developed "training processes" in her painting career field for the Abstract Art, for which she was recognized. 

Many of her illustrations and/paintings have been presented to VIP's, Dignitaries, Corporates, Fashion Houses, Offices, Hotels and Friends. 

Amrita has traveled to Nigeria, Singapore, Indonesia, UAE, Canada, Qatar and many cities in India which have inspired her array of art.

Amrita is currently working with drawing materials, but has extensive experience in different mediums. One of his favorite tools to use is the flat brushes when she paints. 

Amrita has taught and conducted workshops for the Corporates (like Infosys), Commercial Art Suppliers, Community Art Organizations (Annual Kshijit Art Competition, Nigeria) and has taught private lessons. She has taken workshops and studied with numerous artists.

Hosting Art events, workshops and exhibitions has been her passion always.

Her clientele includes Tatva Spa- Hotel, Infosys, Kshitjit Arts, Shanti Palace (Delhi), 

In her free time she likes to travel, camp, hike and bike. While she is outside, she loves to take lots of pictures and sketch out possible ideas for future. Nature and music are her main sources of inspiration. A lot of her forms relate back to nature and it is very rare that she makes something without listening to music.

Amrita believes that anyone who has a "pursued interest" in art can develop his or her talent to the next level. Albert Einstein said, "Nothing happens till something moves..."

PULA Certified Seller