We specialize in Customized Paintings. These are some of the styles that I work in: Photorealism, Figurative, Geometric, Minimalist, Portraiture, Nature, Still Life, Surrealist, Abstract, Cubism, Conceptual Art, Pop Art, Futurism, Impressionism, Urban, Whimsical, Foil Art and Composite (combined styles).

We make paintings using mixed mediums like Oil Paints, Acrylic Paints, Water Colors, Epoxy, Pastel, Wooden Panels, Metal Foils, Charcoal, Canvas Rolls, Canvas Pads, Markers, Color Pencils, Graphite, Water Color Paper, Gouache, Ink, Vinyl Paint, Stencils, etc...

We also specialize in Paintings of various Gods especially Buddha, Ganesha, Krishna, Vastu Art.

If you wish, you send us your requirements and we will be more than happy to create a perfect art and a gift for you, your family, your friends or your loved ones. 


Illustrations is another art stream, where there is lot of interest among the art lovers. We have worked on many illustration projects utilizing various styles like Wood Cutting, 
Metal Etching, 
Pencil Illustration, Charcoal Illustration, Litography, Watercolor Illustration, Gouache Illustration, Acrylics Illustration, Collage Illustration, 
Pen Illustration and Ink Illustration, Freehand Drawing, etc.. 

Our work has been utilized in Concept Art, Children Book Illustrations, Editorials, Advertising, Packaging, Branding and Logo

Be it for your business, personal use or for your home, please send us your requirements and we will be more than happy to curate a Illustration for you.

Please use the Contact Us page to send us your requirements.

Home Decor

AmritaParyani.ART  is a full-service interior design firm based in Pune that serves clients in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchiwad areas. Whether it be a full-scale renovation, an addition, or a room refresh, AmritaParyani.ART  offers expert advice with a friendly approach. We are well versed in determining an individual's needs, preferences, and personal style. We  can help you translate your unique point of view into an environment that compliments your budget and lifestyle. 

We can curate your requirements and provide you with end to end Home Decoration Service, including Fixed furniture, Loose furniture, Artefacts, 3D Wall Decor, Epoxy Wall Decor, Light Decor (Epoxy Lights, Floor Lamp, Table Lamps, Wall Light), Hand Painted Cushions, Name Plaques, etc..
We will take care of all Carpentry or any handyman work. We will ensure full fledge delivery of your Home Decoration.
After ALL it is not "House"; it is "Home" decoration.

Epoxy Art

Epoxy Resin Art is the latest trend for artists. Saving you time and money! Working with epoxy resin requires a lot of patience and experience (and also financial investments) to achieve the desired results. Each resin has different properties and much can be learned by simply working with them.  Our resin keeps what it promises. 

By using Dry Powder, Color Pigments, Glitter, Molds and specialized techniques; we can curate Resin Dinning Tables,  Coffee Tables, Wall Clocks, Coasters, Jewellery,  Kitchen & Bar items.

Since, resin art needs special skills, lot of effort and patience -  you can very well trust AmritaParyani.ART.

Please submit your requirement and we will be more than happy to create a perfect Resin art Product.

Baby Keepsakes

Discover beautiful baby keepsakes that make the perfect gifts for babies and new parents. To offer a wonderful way to express your thoughtfulness and good wishes for any family’s newest addition, we create personalized baby keepsakes.

Customize a religious keepsake for baby, like a personalized Ganesha or Om or Swastika. Or create memorable keepsake baby gifts that includes baby’s name and birth information.

Create unique, personalized baby keepsakes and gifts for babies and parents that will be treasured for many years.

We can make a Home visit. Just provide us with your ideas and we will get in touch. 
PS - We use Natural and non-toxic products.


AmritaParyani.ART is one of Pune's most popular art schools, specializing in teaching art to students as young as 6 years old and above. Not only do we take a holistic approach to the way we impart artistic knowledge to our students, we also work closely with each and every one of them to build and nurture new and existing skills.

Our brief but comprehensive program is carefully designed to equip you with practical core concepts and an immersive hands-on experience. Time is precious, so this focused program is ideal if you enjoy learning at a breezy pace to achieve an optimized outcome within a specific, intensive schedule. We provide certificate for courses spanning from 1 to 6 months.
  Come join us and learn the different mediums and techniques. You will realize that everyone can paint.
Contact us now for more information and start living a colorful life today!

PULA Certified Seller